What Is Hosting?

What Is Hosting?

There are actually many different types of hosting that make up the hosting industry collectively. The dictionary suggests that hosting covers a wide range of services. Most of these services are from one person or small group to another larger group. There are three major types of hosts. Each of these hosts are very different from each other and deal with people in different ways. Here we will explore each of these types of hosts more specifically.

notebooks-569121_1280There are hosts that hold parties for groups of people. Many of these hosts will provide food, services, and entertainment for a group such as a wedding party or workplace. Hosts of this type often work out of their own home or small personal space. These parties and events are usually very private and exclusive. Essentially, these hosts must know their guests personally in order to interact with them. There is a lot of face-to-face contact and communication that goes on between this type of host and the individuals they are hosting.

Then there are hosts that help make television and radio stations what they are. These individuals are often the ones who work with the game show contestants, or visitors on televised shows. Hosts of this sort also answer calls and air responses over the radio. These individuals are well known and often make the image a television show or radio station gives off. These hosts do not make their services private like the type of host listed above. These hosts do not have to know the guests that they are hosting. Anyone who knows, knows of, or has seen this host has the potential to be hosted by this host. This type of hosting is far less personal than the type of hosting listed above.

But the biggest hosts are the ones that are not usually talked about. These hosts make up with the hosting industry really is. These hosts are essential space providers on the internet. They make and sell spaces to businesses and individuals who are looking to advertise businesses, services, and products. So hosting for this group of hosts actually means “space providing”. This is by far the largest group of the three, but the least talked about. This type of host explores what it means to hold space for private groups as well as for public groups and with Dynadot you are now able to host and use there website builder to create the perfect space for your website on the internet. . This type of service is the backbone to every website that is or ever has been visited.

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